Chicago multi-instrumentalist Ben Astrachan was born nearly two generations after 1967’s famous Summer of Love, but he understands the whimsy, grace, and joy of that era’s music so well you’d think he helped make it happen. ” - Leor Galil

Chicago Reader

Astrachan (pronounced Astra-Can) is my solo recording project. I’m in two other Chicago based bands called Astro Heart and Berta Bigtoe. This project is a meditation of love, adventure, and friendship! Each song takes on the story of a moment that latched onto my heart with the tenderest of holds. The songs themselves are how I was able to make visible the sense-experience of each flicker in time that I traversed!

Astrachan’s indie melodies intertwine love, and adventure, crafting a blissful sonic tapestry of pure lo-fi brilliance.” - Tammy Moir

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